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Letter from unknown


personal ( ongoing )

In this series of personal works, photographer Hiroya Hashimoto showcases the moments that he documented on his journey around the world and daily life to aim to convey a sense of being alive and state of existence to its viewers.

"He takes pictures in order to forget the moment. The act of remembering always comes after forgetting. And he has a feeling that he still exist and alive as soon as he sees the photography captured by himself or even strangers. He believes this is also true for others. By seeing a moment through a photograph, even if they never experienced it, the viewers can relive it. And afterwards, they find a faint sense of being alive left inside. The moment captured in the photograph surely exists somewhere in the world, therefore they share, from a broader perspective, the same time and space, and the viewer can see their own life in the life that dwells within the frame."

The glimpse of the unknown stories outside. The appreciation for heartbeats inside. This could be a part of his ongoing and challenging attempt to find the sweet spot between realistic documenting and artistic expression with intention of creating printed photo book in the future.



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